Schedule & Results, Alliance House League Chamionship Tournament, 2018-2019 (Woodstock Minor Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, April 11, 2019
NOV RRNO15:00 PMCIVIC Brantofrd Minor4-4Kitchener Wild
NOV RRNO35:00 PMGREEN Woodstock Tim Horton's Blue2-6North London Nationals A2
NOV RRNO25:15 PMRED Woodstock Tim Horton's Yellow5-8Brantford Saint Golden Eagles
AT POOL AAO16:00 PMCIVIC Waterloo AT HL 2 Blue2-2Cambridge Maple Phantoms
AT POOL BAO36:00 PMGREEN Woodstock AutoMc Silver1-1Brantford Church AT HL 3 Jets
AT POOL AAO26:15 PMRED Brantford Minor AT HL Atom C / Brantford Honda1-5North London Nationals
PEW POOL APO17:00 PMCIVIC North London A65-1Woodstock ATS
PEW POOL BPO37:00 PMGREEN Burlington Avalanche3-0Woodstock Telus 1
PEW POOL APO27:15 PMRED Cambridge Pittsburgh2-0Kitchener Gladiators
BAT RRB018:00 PMCIVIC Brantford Minor BT HL Sutton Group5-1Cambridge Purple King Cobras
BAT RRB038:00 PMGREEN Kitchener Vipers3-2Waterloo BT HL 3 Pillers
BAT RRB028:15 PMRED Burlington Black Hawks4-5London Bandits
Friday, April 12, 2019
AT POOL BAO48:30 AMGREEN St. Catharines CYO AT HL 16-4Sarnia
NOV RRNO48:30 AMCIVIC Sarnia 11-3St. Catharines HL 4
AT POOL CAO59:30 AMGREEN Greater Ft. Erie White0-4Burlington Leafs
NOV RRNO59:30 AMCIVIC Greater Fort Erie Light Blue1-9Burlington Predators
PEW POOL BPO49:30 AMTAVISTOC Waterloo R & S Screening8-3Brantford Minor PW HL 5 Stan's Fries
AT POOL CAO610:30 AMCIVIC Woodstock AutoMc Black0-7Kitchener AtoMc Red
PEW POOL CPO510:30 AMTAVISTOC Waterloo Domino's Pizza6-0Brantford Church PW HL 2 Bears
PEW POOL CPO610:30 AMGREEN St. Catharines CYO Peewee HL 16-2Greater Ft. Erie Navy Blue
BAT RRB0410:45 AMRED Brantford Minor BT HL 1 Avenue Lightning3-7Brantford Church BT HL 5 Smoke
AT POOL AAO711:30 AMCIVIC North London Nationals0-3Waterloo AT HL 2 Blue
NOV RRNO611:30 AMTAVISTOC Kitchener Wild4-0Waterloo HL 3 Pro Hockey Life
PEW POOL APO711:30 AMGREEN Kitchener Gladiators4-1North London A6
MID Pool AM0112:00 PMRED Greater Ft. Erie Blue and Grey3-3London Bandits
NOV RRNO712:30 PMTAVISTOC Brantford Saint Golden Eagles4-7Brantofrd Minor
NOV RRNO812:30 PMCIVIC North London Nationals A22-1Woodstock Tim Horton's Yellow
NOV RRNO912:30 PMGREEN St. Catharines HL 40-2Woodstock Tim Horton's Blue
BAT RRB051:15 PMRED Greater Ft. Erie Green4-4Sarnia
MID Pool BM021:30 PMGREEN Kitchener Steelers6-1Sarnia
MID Pool BM031:30 PMTAVISTOC Waterloo MD HL 2 Telus Blue8-3Burlington Bruins
PEW POOL APO81:30 PMCIVIC Woodstock ATS1-3Cambridge Pittsburgh
BAT RRB072:30 PMCIVIC Waterloo BT HL 3 Pillers8-2Burlington Black Hawks
PEW POOL BP102:30 PMRED Woodstock Telus 10-9Waterloo R & S Screening
AT POOL AAO82:45 PMGREEN Cambridge Maple Phantoms4-0Brantford Minor AT HL Atom C / Brantford Honda
BAT RRB062:45 PMTAVISTOC London Bandits10-0Brantford Minor BT HL Sutton Group
BAT RRB083:45 PMCIVIC Cambridge Purple King Cobras2-2St. Catharines CYO Bantam HL 1
PEW POOL CP113:45 PMRED Greater Ft. Erie Navy Blue0-2Waterloo Domino's Pizza
PEW POOL BPO93:45 PMGREEN Brantford Minor PW HL 5 Stan's Fries5-1Burlington Avalanche
BAT RRB094:15 PMTAVISTOC Brantford Church BT HL 5 Smoke0-8Kitchener Vipers
AT POOL BAO94:45 PMGREEN Sarnia 2-3Woodstock AutoMc Silver
MID Pool AM045:00 PMRED St. Catharines CYO Red Wings3-3Greater Ft. Erie Blue and Grey
NOV RRN105:00 PMCIVIC Burlington Predators3-3Sarnia
AT POOL BA105:45 PMGREEN Brantford Church AT HL 3 Jets1-3St. Catharines CYO AT HL 1
MID Pool AM055:45 PMTAVISTOC London Bandits8-1Brantford Church MO HL 4 Smoke
NOV RRN116:00 PMCIVIC Waterloo HL 3 Pro Hockey Life5-1Greater Fort Erie Light Blue
MID Pool BM066:15 PMRED Burlington Bruins6-6Kitchener Steelers
MID Pool BM076:45 PMGREEN Sarnia 3-6Waterloo MD HL 2 Telus Blue
BAT RRB107:00 PMCIVIC Sarnia 3-6Brantford Minor BT HL 1 Avenue Lightning
JUV RRJ017:45 PMRED Cambridge Green Goblins10-3Hamilton Hurricans
BAT RRB118:15 PMCIVIC St. Catharines CYO Bantam HL 10-4Greater Ft. Erie Green
Saturday, April 13, 2019
NOV SEMIN128:30 AMCIVIC Greater Fort Erie Light Blue3-9Brantford Saint Golden Eagles
PEW POOL CP128:30 AMGREEN Brantford Church PW HL 2 Bears2-11St. Catharines CYO Peewee HL 1
BAT SEMIB129:30 AMRED Burlington Black Hawks7-4Brantford Church BT HL 5 Smoke
JUV RRJ029:30 AMTAVISTOC Hamilton Hurricans3-14West London Black
NOV SEMIN139:30 AMCIVIC St. Catharines HL 40-4Waterloo HL 3 Pro Hockey Life
PEW POOL BP139:30 AMGREEN Waterloo R & S Screening5-0Burlington Avalanche
AT POOL CA1110:30 AMCIVIC Kitchener AtoMc Red13-0Greater Ft. Erie White
BAT SEMIB1410:30 AMGREEN Cambridge Purple King Cobras2-3Sarnia
BAT SEMIB1310:45 AMRED St. Catharines CYO Bantam HL 10-1Brantford Minor BT HL Sutton Group
PEW POOL AP1411:00 AMTAVISTOC Cambridge Pittsburgh0-3North London A6
AT POOL CA1211:30 AMCIVIC Burlington Leafs6-1Woodstock AutoMc Black
PEW POOL AP1511:45 AMGREEN Kitchener Gladiators4-2Woodstock ATS
JUV RRJ0312:15 PMRED Sarnia 0-11Cambridge Green Goblins
MID Pool AM0812:30 PMTAVISTOC Greater Ft. Erie Blue and Grey2-5Brantford Church MO HL 4 Smoke
NOV SEMIN1412:30 PMCIVIC Woodstock Tim Horton's Yellow5-3Woodstock Tim Horton's Blue
AT POOL AA131:00 PMGREEN Brantford Minor AT HL Atom C / Brantford Honda1-6Waterloo AT HL 2 Blue
MID Pool AM091:30 PMRED London Bandits5-1St. Catharines CYO Red Wings
PEW POOL CP161:30 PMCIVIC Greater Ft. Erie Navy Blue5-0Brantford Church PW HL 2 Bears
BAT SEMIB151:45 PMTAVISTOC Brantford Minor BT HL 1 Avenue Lightning0-6Waterloo BT HL 3 Pillers
AT POOL AA142:00 PMGREEN North London Nationals2-3Cambridge Maple Phantoms
BAT SEMIB162:30 PMCIVIC Burlington Black Hawks0-2Kitchener Vipers
MID Pool BM102:45 PMRED Waterloo MD HL 2 Telus Blue3-4Kitchener Steelers
AT POOL CA153:00 PMTAVISTOC Kitchener AtoMc Red7-0Burlington Leafs
AT POOL BA163:00 PMGREEN St. Catharines CYO AT HL 13-2Woodstock AutoMc Silver
BAT SEMIB173:30 PMCIVIC Sarnia 2-8London Bandits
AT POOL BA174:00 PMGREEN Sarnia 7-4Brantford Church AT HL 3 Jets
JUV RRJ044:00 PMRED West London Black3-3Sarnia
NOV SEMIN154:45 PMCIVIC Woodstock Tim Horton's Yellow1-4North London Nationals A2
NOV SEMIN164:45 PMTAVISTOC Waterloo HL 3 Pro Hockey Life4-2Burlington Predators
PEW POOL BP175:00 PMGREEN Brantford Minor PW HL 5 Stan's Fries5-3Woodstock Telus 1
MID Pool AM115:15 PMRED Brantford Church MO HL 4 Smoke2-4St. Catharines CYO Red Wings
NOV SEMIN175:45 PMCIVIC Brantford Saint Golden Eagles2-8Sarnia
PEW POOL CP186:00 PMGREEN St. Catharines CYO Peewee HL 14-5Waterloo Domino's Pizza
BAT SEMIB186:30 PMRED Brantford Minor BT HL Sutton Group3-5Greater Ft. Erie Green
NOV SEMIN186:45 PMCIVIC Brantofrd Minor3-4Kitchener Wild
AT POOL CA187:00 PMGREEN Woodstock AutoMc Black2-4Greater Ft. Erie White
JUV RRJ057:45 PMRED Sarnia 2-6Hamilton Hurricans
JUV RRJ067:45 PMCIVIC Cambridge Green Goblins2-6West London Black
MID Pool BM128:00 PMGREEN Burlington Bruins4-1Sarnia
Sunday, April 14, 2019
AT SEMIA199:00 AMGREEN Kitchener AtoMc Red2-0Waterloo AT HL 2 Blue
NOV SEMIN199:00 AMCIVIC Waterloo HL 3 Pro Hockey Life1-3North London Nationals A2
AT SEMIA209:15 AMRED Cambridge Maple Phantoms4-2St. Catharines CYO AT HL 1
NOV SEMIN2010:00 AMCIVIC Kitchener Wild2-3Sarnia
PEW SEMIP1910:00 AMGREEN Waterloo Domino's Pizza1-6North London A6
PEW SEMIP2010:15 AMRED St. Catharines CYO Peewee HL 11-8Waterloo R & S Screening
MID SEMIM1311:00 AMCIVIC Waterloo MD HL 2 Telus Blue2-3London Bandits
BAT SEMIB1911:15 AMGREEN Waterloo BT HL 3 Pillers4-3Kitchener Vipers
BAT SEMIB2011:30 AMRED Greater Ft. Erie Green0-3London Bandits
MID SEMIM1412:15 PMCIVIC St. Catharines CYO Red Wings2-10Kitchener Steelers
JUV SEMIJ0712:30 PMGREEN Sarnia 1-8West London Black
JUV SEMIJ0812:45 PMRED Hamilton Hurricans4-7Cambridge Green Goblins
NOV CHAMPN211:45 PMGREEN Sarnia 8-1North London Nationals A2
AT CHAMPA212:00 PMRED Cambridge Maple Phantoms4-3Kitchener AtoMc Red
PEW CHAMPP213:00 PMGREEN North London A62-3Waterloo R & S Screening
BAT CHAMPB213:15 PMRED Waterloo BT HL 3 Pillers1-0London Bandits
MID CHAMPM154:30 PMRED Kitchener Steelers2-3London Bandits
JUV CHAMPJ096:00 PMRED Cambridge Green Goblins2-4West London Black
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