Peewee, Divisions, Alliance House League Chamionship Tournament, 2018-2019 (Woodstock Minor Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, April 11, 2019
PEW POOL APO17:00 PMCIVIC North London A65-1Woodstock ATS
PEW POOL BPO37:00 PMGREEN Burlington Avalanche3-0Woodstock Telus 1
PEW POOL APO27:15 PMRED Cambridge Pittsburgh2-0Kitchener Gladiators
Friday, April 12, 2019
PEW POOL BPO49:30 AMTAVISTOC Waterloo R & S Screening8-3Brantford Minor PW HL 5 Stan's Fries
PEW POOL CPO510:30 AMTAVISTOC Waterloo Domino's Pizza6-0Brantford Church PW HL 2 Bears
PEW POOL CPO610:30 AMGREEN St. Catharines CYO Peewee HL 16-2Greater Ft. Erie Navy Blue
PEW POOL APO711:30 AMGREEN Kitchener Gladiators4-1North London A6
PEW POOL APO81:30 PMCIVIC Woodstock ATS1-3Cambridge Pittsburgh
PEW POOL BP102:30 PMRED Woodstock Telus 10-9Waterloo R & S Screening
PEW POOL CP113:45 PMRED Greater Ft. Erie Navy Blue0-2Waterloo Domino's Pizza
PEW POOL BPO93:45 PMGREEN Brantford Minor PW HL 5 Stan's Fries5-1Burlington Avalanche
Saturday, April 13, 2019
PEW POOL CP128:30 AMGREEN Brantford Church PW HL 2 Bears2-11St. Catharines CYO Peewee HL 1
PEW POOL BP139:30 AMGREEN Waterloo R & S Screening5-0Burlington Avalanche
PEW POOL AP1411:00 AMTAVISTOC Cambridge Pittsburgh0-3North London A6
PEW POOL AP1511:45 AMGREEN Kitchener Gladiators4-2Woodstock ATS
PEW POOL CP161:30 PMCIVIC Greater Ft. Erie Navy Blue5-0Brantford Church PW HL 2 Bears
PEW POOL BP175:00 PMGREEN Brantford Minor PW HL 5 Stan's Fries5-3Woodstock Telus 1
PEW POOL CP186:00 PMGREEN St. Catharines CYO Peewee HL 14-5Waterloo Domino's Pizza
Sunday, April 14, 2019
PEW SEMIP1910:00 AMGREEN Waterloo Domino's Pizza1-6North London A6
PEW SEMIP2010:15 AMRED St. Catharines CYO Peewee HL 11-8Waterloo R & S Screening
PEW CHAMPP213:00 PMGREEN North London A62-3Waterloo R & S Screening
Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • CIVIC - Civic Center, 895 Nellis St., Woodstock, ON. Phone: 519-421-3484
  • GREEN - Community Complex Green Pad, 381 Finkle St., Woodstock, ON. Phone: 519-5396-3181
  • RED - Community Complex Red Pad, 381 Finkle St., Woodstock, ON. Phone: 519-539-3181
  • TAVISTOC - Tavistock & District Recreation Centre, 1 Adam St, Tavistock, ON. Phone: 519-655-2102

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