Schedule & Results, 2016-2017 Alf Langdon Memorial House League Tournament, 2016-2017 (Woodstock Minor Hockey)

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016
Ato Pool A19:00 AMGreen North London National A 46-0Woodstock AtoMc White
Ato Pool A210:00 AMGreen Woodstock AtoMc Black0-8North London Hammerheads C4
Bantam RR1110:15 AMRed West London Hawks1-1Woodstock RAV 4
Ato Pool B311:00 AMGreen North London National D 47-2Woodstock AtoMc Purple
Bantam RR1211:15 AMRed Woodstock Tundra1-1Oakridge Team 37
Ato Pool B412:00 PMGreen Woodstock AtoMc Yellow0-8North London National B 4
Ato Pool A1312:15 PMRed Woodstock AtoMc White7-2North London Panthers 33
Nov Pool A (XOVER)51:00 PMGreen Woodstock Light Brown1-0North London Nationals
Ato Pool A141:15 PMRed Woodstock AtoMc Black0-5North London National A 4
Nov Pool A (XOVER)62:00 PMGreen Woodstock Green0-3Woodstock Dark Brown
Bantam RR152:15 PMRed Oakridge Team 372-1West London Hawks
Ato Pool B73:00 PMGreen Woodstock AtoMc Purple0-5Thamesford Attack
Bantam RR163:15 PMRed Woodstock RAV 42-1Woodstock Tundra
Ato Pool B84:00 PMGreen Woodstock AtoMc Yellow0-16North London National D 4
Ato Pool A174:15 PMRed Woodstock AtoMc Black2-2Woodstock AtoMc White
Nov Pool A (XOVER)95:00 PMGreen Woodstock Teal5-5Woodstock Orange
Ato Pool B185:15 PMRed Thamesford Attack4-4North London National B 4
Nov Pool A (XOVER)106:00 PMGreen Woodstock Green0-8North London Nationals
Ato Pool A196:15 PMRed North London Hammerheads C42-1North London National A 4
Wednesday, December 28, 2016
Nov Pool A (XOVER)209:00 AMGreen Woodstock Light Brown4-1Woodstock Dark Brown
Ato Pool A309:15 AMRed Woodstock AtoMc White0-4North London Hammerheads C4
Nov Pool A (XOVER)2110:00 AMGreen Woodstock Green0-0Woodstock Orange
Ato Pool A3110:15 AMRed North London Panthers 333-2Woodstock AtoMc Black
Ato Pool B2211:00 AMGreen North London National B 48-1Woodstock AtoMc Purple
Bantam RR3211:15 AMRed Woodstock RAV 43-0Oakridge Team 37
Ato Pool B2312:00 PMGreen Thamesford Attack14-0Woodstock AtoMc Yellow
Bantam RR3312:15 PMRed West London Hawks2-1Woodstock Tundra
Nov Pool A (XOVER)241:00 PMGreen Woodstock Teal2-3North London Nationals
Ato Pool A341:15 PMRed North London Panthers 331-8North London Hammerheads C4
Nov Pool A (XOVER)252:00 PMGreen Woodstock Light Brown1-2Woodstock Orange
Ato Pool B352:15 PMRed North London National B 46-2North London National D 4
Ato Pool B263:00 PMGreen Woodstock AtoMc Yellow3-5Woodstock AtoMc Purple
Ban Semi363:15 PMRed Woodstock Tundra1-0Woodstock RAV 4
Ato Pool B274:00 PMGreen Thamesford Attack4-0North London National D 4
Ban Semi374:15 PMRed Oakridge Team 373-2West London Hawks
Nov Pool A (XOVER)285:00 PMGreen Woodstock Teal2-7Woodstock Dark Brown
Ato Pool A296:00 PMGreen North London Panthers 330-14North London National A 4
Thursday, December 29, 2016
Nov Semi (XOVER)389:00 AMGreen Woodstock Teal2-5North London Nationals
Nov Semi (XOVER)3910:00 AMGreen Woodstock Dark Brown8-1Woodstock Light Brown
Atom Semi4011:00 AMGreen North London National B 42-4North London Hammerheads C4
Ban Champ4411:15 AMRed Oakridge Team 370-2Woodstock Tundra
Atom Semi4112:00 PMGreen North London National A 43-4Thamesford Attack
Nov Champ (XOVER)421:00 PMGreen Woodstock Dark Brown2-3North London Nationals
Atom Champ432:15 PMGreen Thamesford Attack2-4North London Hammerheads C4
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