Schedule & Results, WMHA House League Championship Tournament, 2018-2019 (Woodstock Minor Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, March 22, 2019
Atom RRA15:00 PMGreen AutoMc Silver4-1AutoMc Red
No Pool AN15:00 PMCivic Tim Horton's Red5-2Tim Horton's White
Pre-NovicePN15:15 PMRed Pre-Novice BluePre-Novice Green
Atom RRA26:00 PMGreen AutoMc Gold2-4AutoMc Black
No Pool BN26:00 PMCivic Tim Horton's Teal2-5Tim Horton's Black
Pre-NovicePN26:15 PMRed Pre-Novice WhitePre-Novice Black
Pre-NovicePN36:15 PMRed Pre-Novice RedPre-Novice Yellow
BM RRB17:00 PMGreen Brantford Gates0-1WMHA Bantam
PW RRP17:00 PMCivic Denistry on Light Street 1-3ATS
MG RRM17:15 PMRed Gerry Truck 1-1Craven Dental
PW RRP28:00 PMCivic Telus 2 1-4Telus 1
MG RRM28:45 PMRed Pioneer Pool 2-1Hunt Homes
Saturday, March 23, 2019
No Pool AN38:00 AMCivic Tim Horton's Blue3-4Tim Horton's Red
PW RRP38:00 AMGreen ATS 0-1Telus 2
No Pool BN49:00 AMCivic Tim Horton's Yellow7-3Tim Horton's Teal
PW RRP49:00 AMGreen Telus 1 0-7Denistry on Light Street
Pre-NovicePN49:15 AMRed Pre-Novice BluePre-Novice Yellow
Atom RRA310:00 AMCivic AutoMc Gold1-1AutoMc Silver
MG RRM310:00 AMGreen McLean Alarm 2-2Craven Dental
Pre-NovicePN510:15 AMRed Pre-Novice BlackPre-Novice Red
Pre-NovicePN610:15 AMRed Pre-Novice WhitePre-Novice Green
Atom RRA411:00 AMCivic AutoMc Red0-3AutoMc Black
TykeT111:15 AMRed Tyke RedTyke Yellow
MG RRM411:20 AMGreen Pioneer Pool 3-2Gerry Truck
No Pool BN512:00 PMCivic Tim Horton's Yellow4-1Tim Horton's Black
TykeT212:15 PMRed Tyke BlueTyke White
TykeT312:15 PMRed Tyke BlackTyke Green
MG RRM51:00 PMGreen McLean Alarm 2-2Hunt Homes
No Pool AN61:00 PMCivic Tim Horton's Blue4-0Tim Horton's White
PeanutsP11:15 PMRed Division 1 Division 1
Atom RRA52:00 PMCivic AutoMc Black1-4AutoMc Silver
PeanutsP12:15 PMRed Division 2 Division 2
BM RRB22:30 PMGreen WMHA Bantam2-4WMHA Bantam
PW RRP53:00 PMCivic Telus 1 4-5ATS
MG RRM63:15 PMRed Pioneer Pool 3-0Craven Dental
Atom RRA63:50 PMGreen AutoMc Gold3-4AutoMc Red
No SemiN74:00 PMCivic Tim Horton's Teal3-4Tim Horton's Blue
PW RRP64:45 PMRed Telus 2 0-6Denistry on Light Street
MG RRM74:50 PMGreen Hunt Homes 2-4Gerry Truck
No SemiN85:00 PMCivic Tim Horton's Black6-2Tim Horton's White
MG RRM86:15 PMRed McLean Alarm 2-1Pioneer Pool
Sunday, March 24, 2019
MG RRM99:00 AMGreen Hunt Homes 4-2Craven Dental
No SemiN99:00 AMCivic Tim Horton's Blue4-3Tim Horton's Red
MG RRM109:15 AMRed McLean Alarm 2-1Gerry Truck
No SemiN1010:20 AMCivic Tim Horton's Black0-3Tim Horton's Yellow
PW SemiP710:30 AMGreen Telus 2 1-5ATS
BM RRB310:45 AMRed Golden Eagles3-3WMHA Bantam
Atom SemiA711:30 AMCivic AutoMc Gold0-3AutoMc Silver
PW SemiP811:30 AMGreen Telus 1 3-1Denistry on Light Street
MG SemiM1212:15 PMRed Hunt Homes 3-0McLean Alarm
Atom SemiA812:30 PMCivic AutoMc Red2-4AutoMc Black
MG SemiM1112:30 PMGreen Gerry Truck 1-2Pioneer Pool
No ConN111:30 PMCivic Tim Horton's Black3-4Tim Horton's Red
PW ConP91:45 PMRed Telus 2 0-1Denistry on Light Street
No ChampN122:30 PMCivic Tim Horton's Yellow6-1Tim Horton's Blue
PW ChamP102:45 PMRed Telus 1 1-3ATS
Atom ConA93:30 PMCivic AutoMc Red4-3AutoMc Gold
Mid ConM133:45 PMRed McLean Alarm 2-1Gerry Truck
Atom ChampA104:30 PMCivic AutoMc Black2-3AutoMc Silver
MG ChampM145:15 PMRed Hunt Homes 1-8Pioneer Pool
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