Schedule & Results, 2013-2014 WMHA HOUSE LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIPS, 2013-2014 (Woodstock Minor Hockey)

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Friday, March 28, 2014
NV Pool AN15:00 PMGreenPad Tim Hortons Orange2-3Tim Hortons Red
TW RRTW15:00 PMCivic Tyke West Yellow1-6Tyke West Black
AT Pool AA15:15 PMRed Pad AutoMc Orange1-4AutoMc Black
NV Pool BN26:00 PMGreenPad Tim Hortons White2-4Tim Hortons Blue
TW RRTW26:00 PMCivic Tyke West Red3-0Tyke West Blue
AT Pool BA26:15 PMRed Pad AutoMc White5-1AutoMc Teal
MG Pool AM17:00 PMGreenPad Midget Kelsey's2-5Midget Scotiabank
PW RRP17:00 PMCivic Peewee Hudson's Furniture2-1Peewee Scotiabank
BA Pool AB17:15 PMRed Pad Toyota Highlander0-3Toyota RAV 4
PW RRP28:00 PMCivic Peewee Kendal Cab3-3Peewee Leon's
MG Pool BM28:30 PMGreenPad Midget Pharmasave - Springbank4-4Midget Montana's
BA Pool BB28:45 PMRed Pad Toyota Camry0-4Toyota Tundra
Saturday, March 29, 2014
AT Pool AA37:00 AMGreenPad AutoMc Blue2-6AutoMc Orange
AT Pool BA48:00 AMGreenPad AutoMc White4-3AutoMc Yellow
NV Pool AN69:00 AMCivic Tim Hortons Yellow1-6Tim Hortons Orange
PW RRP39:00 AMGreenPad Peewee Leon's2-0Peewee Hudson's Furniture
PeanutsPE19:15 AMRed Pad Peanuts Group 2Peanuts Group 2
PW RRP410:00 AMGreenPad Peewee Kendal Cab1-1Peewee Scotiabank
TW RRTW310:00 AMCivic Tyke West Blue2-2Tyke West Black
PeanutsPE210:15 AMRed Pad Peanuts Group 1Peanuts Group 1
MG Pool AM311:00 AMGreenPad Midget Bell World4-5Midget Kelsey's
TW RRTW411:00 AMCivic Tyke West Red3-1Tyke West Yellow
MG Pool BM411:15 AMRed Pad Midget Pharmasave - Springbank5-2Midget McLean Alarms
AT Pool BA512:00 PMCivic AutoMc Yellow2-2AutoMc Teal
NV Pool BN312:30 PMGreenPad Tim Hortons White1-2Tim Hortons Black
BA Pool AB312:45 PMRed Pad Toyota Corolla2-3Toyota Highlander
AT Pool AA61:00 PMCivic AutoMc Blue0-8AutoMc Black
NV Pool AN41:30 PMGreenPad Tim Hortons Yellow1-3Tim Hortons Red
TW RRTW52:00 PMCivic Tyke West Blue0-0Tyke West Yellow
BA Pool BB42:15 PMRed Pad Toyota Camry5-2Toyota Matrix
Tyke ETE12:30 PMGreenPad Tyke East Yellow4-3Tyke East Red
TW RRTW63:00 PMCivic Tyke West Red6-7Tyke West Black
Tyke ETE23:30 PMGreenPad Tyke East BlackTyke East Blue
PW RRP53:45 PMRed Pad Peewee Leon's2-3Peewee Scotiabank
PW RRP64:00 PMCivic Peewee Kendal Cab2-3Peewee Hudson's Furniture
NV Pool BN54:30 PMGreenPad Tim Hortons Black2-2Tim Hortons Blue
MG Pool BM54:45 PMRed Pad Midget McLean Alarms2-1Midget Montana's
BA Pool BB55:30 PMGreenPad Toyota Matrix2-7Toyota Tundra
MG Pool AM66:15 PMRed Pad Midget Bell World1-1Midget Scotiabank
BA Pool AB67:00 PMGreenPad Toyota Corolla0-2Toyota RAV 4
Sunday, March 30, 2014
AT SFA79:00 AMGreenPad AutoMc Orange4-0AutoMc White
NV SFN79:00 AMCivic Tim Hortons Orange4-5Tim Hortons Blue
MI SFM79:15 AMRed Pad Midget McLean Alarms1-5Midget Scotiabank
AT SFA810:00 AMGreenPad AutoMc Yellow2-5AutoMc Black
NV SFN810:20 AMCivic Tim Hortons Black0-2Tim Hortons Red
MI SFM810:45 AMRed Pad Midget Kelsey's7-5Midget Pharmasave - Springbank
BA SFB711:00 AMGreenPad Toyota Highlander1-0Toyota Tundra
TW ConTW711:30 AMCivic Tyke West Yellow4-2Tyke West Blue
BA SFB812:15 PMGreenPad Toyota Camry3-2Toyota RAV 4
PW ChamP812:15 PMRed Pad Peewee Scotiabank1-2Peewee Hudson's Furniture
TW ChamTW812:40 PMCivic Tyke West Red2-3Tyke West Black
PW ConP71:30 PMGreenPad Peewee Kendal Cab1-2Peewee Leon's
AT ChamA91:35 PMRed Pad AutoMc Orange1-5AutoMc Black
AT ConA101:50 PMCivic AutoMc Yellow1-3AutoMc White
BA ConB92:30 PMGreenPad Toyota RAV 43-1Toyota Tundra
NV ConN93:00 PMCivic Tim Hortons Black3-0Tim Hortons Orange
MI ConM93:05 PMRed Pad Midget Pharmasave - Springbank7-5Midget McLean Alarms
NV ChamN104:10 PMCivic Tim Hortons Red3-1Tim Hortons Blue
MI ChamM104:45 PMRed Pad Midget Kelsey's3-2Midget Scotiabank
BA ChamB106:15 PMRed Pad Toyota Camry3-2Toyota Highlander
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